Over the past several days I've been marathon-watching all of the Paul W. S. Anderson Resident Evil movies.

I've been a longtime fan of the game franchise, but was one of the apparently few people who liked the films. Despite liking the first few, I hadn't kept up to date. For whatever reason, I missed the fifth movie, Retribution, when it was released and as a result didn't watch the final film, either.

I'm not one who gets upset when an adaption changes things from the source. I also don't think that the story from the games would actually translate particularly well into a movie. It also doesn't help matters that some of the games don't have any linking factors, which is to say that all of the characters are different - that wouldn't really work for a movie franchise. As a result, we get Alice. I'm still going to talk about links to the game series, because I find it interesting.

What I think makes these films work well is that they capture the tone of the Resident Evil games rather than trying to copy and adapt the stories directly. That said, the films go for a very much apocalyptic end compared to the games. The films end with only a few thousand survivors globally, while the games still more or less have the same amount of people as the real world. All of the incidents in the games are small and contained. The threat of Bio Organic Weapons to the everyday person is more or less the same as the real world threat of a terrorist attack, which is exactly how they're treated in universe.